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Recommendations From Our SEO Audit Tool

It's not only important that you get a free SEO audit, but it's also important that you get quality recommendations too. We make our data actionable. Your website analysis will provide you with high, medium, or low priority recommendations. SEO is a journey, and our SEO audit tool supplies you with a plan to complete your journey successfully.

Our SEO Tools Can Help You Create a Plan

Need help implementing the recommendations in your SEO analysis? We can pass on your report to SEO service providers to help you find cost-effective SEO experts. Our website analyzer gives you the information you need to understand the issues with your website and help you find someone that can fix them!

A few SEO Factors We Check:

File Sizes
Mobile Fixes
And More!
Some samples of the data you may find in your SEO audit

Example Screenshots

Our SEO audit tool provides easy-to-understand analysis and actionable information. See what grade your website gets from our analyzer.

What the Analysis Covers

SEO Audit Highlights

Our audit tool is comprehensive. We evaluate many different SEO factors to provide you analysis that identifies critical areas of improvement and shows you where you are getting it right.

Page-level factors

Content analysis, including title, meta and header tags and keywords

Keyword Rankings

Find out your website's top 10 keyword rankings and estimated traffic


Evaluates your website's accessibility across devices to minimize bounce rates

Social Results

Take a look at how strong your website's social presence is


Is your website secure and does it protect user data to the extent it should?

Technical Stack

Lists the software and coding libraries that you are using for your website
What you can expect from us

How Our Process Works


I Get My Report Immediately?

Yes! Once you provide us with your domain name and email address, our website analyzer will instantly generate your free SEO audit to download. You will also receive a copy of your audit via email. It's that easy!

Do You Offer SEO Services?

If you are looking for SEO services or assistance implementing any of the recommendations provided by our SEO audit tool, we can help with that. Just schedule a time for an SEO expert to go over your report with you. You can schedule a time on the same screen where you download the report or not; that's entirely up to you. That consultation is free, with no obligation to purchase any SEO services in any way.

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Our comprehensive report gives you actionable information

Additional SEO Factors We Check In your Report

While we cannot possibly list every aspect of our audit, we would like to list a few key metrics:

On-page SEO

Technical SEO

Back Links


Keyword Consistency


Social Factors

Google Analytics™

Find Out What's Helping or Hurting Your SEO

Instant SEO Audit

Request an SEO audit by clicking the below button and entering your basic information. You also have the ability to request a quote for SEO services if that is what you are in need of!